A Discord RPG Game that rewards engagement in your server!

Increase activity!

Active users in your server will be rewarded with loot drops in chat!

Defeat enemies!

Take down powerful enemies and rise to the top!

Get Loot!

With hundreds of different armor pieces, weapons, potions and many more, there will always be more loot to be obtained!

Defeat bosses!

With many different bosses for a variety of levels, you and your server members can team up go get powerful loot!

About Adventure Frontier

The most Addicting RPG Game that rewards Active Users!

Adventure Quest is an RPG Game Discord Bot. Players can attack enemies, level up, and get loot from crates. Stronger enemies give more Experience and better loot.
Adventure Frontier can help dramatically improve your server's engagements & activity by rewarding players active in chat. Every x amount of messages, a random loot box drops in chat.

  • Encourage server engagement by rewarding your players with loot drop rewards!
  • The most addicting game to help grow your community!
  • Hundreds of items to collect, enemies to defeat and raids to finish!